Brids and other animals painted on feathers


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Whats a Brid?

Is this an advertisement for that new Bridget Jones movie?


I’d love a feather painted with the Brid of Frankenstein.


Can I get a painting of a seagull flying over pounding waves on the Maine coast.

“Brid over troubled water”


There is a long tradition of painting on turkey feathers, and I suspect if she looked around she could find a lot of them cheaply (given how many wild turkeys are harvested per yer).

When I was in Mexico I could finally find one that I liked and could afford and gave an underwater scene to my dad.


She better specify that folks should send her non-migratory bird feathers. Having even “found” feathers is a federal offence that often gets prosecuted…


Brids and other animals

Hey, I know they rejected EU membership for horrible and often bigoted reasons, but that’s no excuse to call them “animals.”


That’s right. Animals have feelings, too!


Especially in this day and age when we have the phrase “dumpster fire” at the ready.


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