Do you want to play Golden Girls?


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Seems like Bea Arthur and Betty White have already been called:



Sophia, FTW.





As a huge Golden Girls fan I gotta share this…

Even though Getty (Sophia) played the Mom, she was one year younger than Bea Arthur. They put Getty in lots of makeup to make her appear much older.


Rose is one of my many spirit animals.

It wasn't the first time she gave her career a determined kick in the pants. While an audience member at La MaMa in 1978, watching what would become "Torch Song Trilogy," Getty became friendly with Mr. Fierstein.

“She forced me to write the last part,” Mr. Fierstein said in an interview yesterday. She would hit me and say why don’t you write a part for a mother? So I finally did write the third act."



I call Elvis #5


G2 Girls


“I guess I’ll have to marry Elvis Presley to get even.”


Love when Rose channels St Olaf



@Mindysan33 et alia: - have you seen THIS?


Have you seen this bit of awesomeness?


Your awesomeness refs this awesomeness:




(Here’s the pattern - the cheesecake pattern is free)