Important Golden Girls news!


YOU GUYS!!! This is so important!!!


I remember a young me watching Golden Girls because there weren’t choices back then, and Blanche said something to the effect of,

“Honey, sex is like air. The only people who worry about it aren’t getting any.”



Golden Girls and Jackie Harris - my young selfs role models. :wink:

(play at 8:25 if the jump doesn’t work)


16m: Shades of Walter Sobchak.

Forgot how good this show was.


Oh thanks for the share! I have a friend who is a huge GG fan so I just posted it to his Facebook wall. I’m sure I made his day!


Forgot what thread I was in and you had me worried.



Bite it, you scum!


I want to be Sophia Petrillo when I grow up.

Diesel Sweeties Salute to the Golden Girls…
Did you know today is the 30th anniversary of the first episode of The Golden Girls? I didn’t until just now either!

Hawking their GG t-shirt:


Apparently, Rue McClanahan died.


Yeah, she died awhile ago… how weird is the twitters…


You GUUUUYSYYSYSY!!! I just realized that Betty White is the Highlander!



Yes, but Betty White!!!


But she’s not French, or Scottish.

And Estelle Getty wasn’t Spanish or Egyptian.

Wait…Estelle Getty was younger than Bea Arthur?


But she’s the ONLY ONE left!!! I can’t help it if some movie got all the details wrong.


Did any of the others die by decapitation?


I bet they covered that up… CANCER??? A likely story, Bea Arthur!!!


Not officially.