Do you want to play **Predict Your Throw**?

The rules are simple:

  1. predict what number will appear
  2. Ask @discbot to roll the appropriate dice
  3. See below for discbot help/instructions
  4. Wait to see if the result matches your prediction.
  5. Any prediction-post with an edit is disqualified.

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@discbot help

@OtherMichael, I understand:

@discbot roll d20 - roll a single 20 sided dice
@discbot roll 2d20 - roll two dice
@discbot roll 2d20+5 - roll two dice with a positive modifier
@discbot roll 2d20-5 - roll two dice with a negative modifier
@discbot hello - discbot will respond with a greeting
@discbot help - shows all discbot commands

I guess 1.


@discbot roll d1


@daneel the d1 dice reads: 1

I guess 1.
@discbot roll d2

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@MarkDow the d2 dice reads: 2

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@daneel wins.