Documentary: How to Build a Time Machine


I already have one. It’s my couch and it has never failed me move me steadily into the future.

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It also doubles as an anti-gravity machine – keeping your butt levitated a couple feet above the ground.

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Ron Mallett, the physicist featured in that film, was the subject of a This American Life segment in 2007. If I remember right he spent many years studying the problem before concluding that a real-life time machine could at best only take you as far back as the point in time when it was turned on (like the device in Primer.)


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Forward time travel is easy, just build a spaceship that can accelerate constantly at 1g then fly off into space and back. Spend 40 years travelling and you’ll arrive back at Earth around 60,000 years later.

At least as long as you don’t go off course and end up at that terrible Planet of the Apes!

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Obligatory time travelling canoe reference.

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what kind of time travel?
time and space travel?
will it take time or be instantaneous?
is it accelerated or slowed referential time?
observation or interaction?
is it necesarily to take place in a technological machine or can it occur within an organism?
is it recorded experience in a transferable format or isolated experience?

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