Documentary on the DRM-breaking farmers who just want to fix their tractors, even if they have to download bootleg Ukrainian firmware to do it


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It’ll be interesting to see if they get anywhere with that. We are told that the reason (Republican-leaning) rural votes are weighted so heavily in US elections is that otherwise, farmers’ interests would be ignored at the federal level. If farmers asked for something that everyone else also wants, and were told to fuck off, it would really make you wonder about that argument.


FTFY. ( I guess ‘fixing’ quotes doesn’t count as 9 characters.)


This is how Skynet got started. Just sayin.


I watched the straight road movie and initially thought it a bit ridiculous but it actually goes down this same road


Skynet started in 1982, and is still operating; it’s main office is about five miles from where I live in North Wiltshire. I had a long chat with one of the staff at a small SF convention in my home town.
Just to be clear, it’s a communications satellite network used by the British military.


Standard response: that’s what they want you to think.


For those farmers who don’t yet understand that the GOP prioritises corporate persons above human ones to a greater degree than the Dems do, it’s high time that they discovered it.


Deere has had DRM on it’s equipment for a while now. How are they still selling? Who’s buying that crap? I had thought Case, Agco, and Massey Ferguson would’ve taken the Deere market share by now. Even Subaru and Mitsubishi seem like better choices.


They seem to do mongo sales of the smaller tractors in India and South America, and don’t seem to have a problem selling the bigger tractors either. Case-New Holland is picking up some marketshare in China.

Source: I work for a supplier for Deere, CNH, Agco and Caterpillar


John Deere must have the nicest corporate campuses I have ever seen. It is seriously insane.

Like, a giant indoor garden which all floors overlook in the center of the building. At the bottom of the garden is a cafe and coffee shop. Crickets chirp happily at night in the garden.


Welcome to late stage capitalism now with added copyright maximilism.

RMS would say there is only one way to deal with such injustice.


Based on my experience growing up in a farming family I’m guessing most farmers couldn’t give less of a shit about the John Deere shareholders and their wishes. I feel it should also be mentioned that I doubt it is the shareholders who are asking but rather the executives/board of John Deere. The only hesitation I could see that many farmers would have about using Ukrainian hacks is the source of the hack. If someone said it was from American hackers they would barely recognize it as illegal at all.

Fair disclosure: We were International Harvester people. :slight_smile:


I say hack em till they can’t be hacked no more!


On the automotive side both Subaru and Mitsubishi, at worst, look the other way when someone hacks their software for more power. At times, they openly encourage it.


Next thing you know, the farmers will be growing their own seeds.


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