California Farm Bureau sells out farmers, hands John Deere a monopoly over tractor repair

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California Farm Bureau continues to sell out farmers



Why don’t John Deere and Monsanto just get it over with and get married?


California is also the largest agriculture state. I’m just stunned that a Progressive leaning state would think this decision would be anything less than the brink of financial ruin for many farmers. WTF California?


Time for Kubota or another manufacturer to break from the pack and turn no DRM into a sales tool.


I’ve seen this play out before.

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Good luck to the CFB when it tries to collect next year’s membership subs…


wether things could play out that simply is hard to tell. but certainly agree with the sentiment. I would certainly like to see a story that delves into exploring the farmers reasons for using John Deere. not really knowing anything and taking a wild guess I would assume overall reliability of all their machinery would be the primary reason , there must be others , but for forcing a drm policy that can hurt or potentially destroy the lively hood of the farmers that produce our food is certainly unnerving to say the least. it leads one to question why does it make any sense for John Deere to so errantly shit all over its customers. the next question I have after that is who are John deers Customers do they have contracts with big agriculture that promises more prompt service? these are just musings , I’ m not read up on the subject but reading about it really pisses me off .

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Vice did a doc about this -


They are like a lot of American companies. A brand or name that used to stand for something now a hollowed out husk for corporate parasites.


Isn’t that just in terms of cash receipts? Crops like almonds and grapes demand a much higher price than soy, corn and wheat. I believe Texas still produces more food tonnage and has more farms.

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I’m not sure, you may be right. I have always read the Central Valley in California is the most productive agriculture land in the nation and out produces all other regions. Either way, California produces a shitload of agricultural products, and when you can produce a shitload of anything, you know you got it goin’ on.

It’s all about how you measure productivity. The common method is with profit in which case CA is the hands down winner. Tonnage, calaries, etc on the other hand…

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