Documenting the arrests of journalists in Ferguson




Sue them. Sue the whole town. Sue, sue, sue. From every angle. Criminal, civil, federal, state. Sue, sue, sue. Make them hurt. And then when the town’s municipal buildings are empty, burn it all down and start over with Democracy.


Well, congratulations, police officers You made a journalist of “Die Welt” (a conservative, decidedly trans-atlantic and pro-American newspaper) lose his “child-like trust in US policemen I so offen defended against critics despite their unaccessible and rough demeanor” and write about in said newspaper.

That’s actually pretty big.


What’s Sports Illustrated doing there?


Perhaps a freelancer who is just most visibly associated with them.

Documenting the arrests of journalists in Ferguson

Does that imply that somebody is watching the watchers of the watchers?


I haven’t looked at a Sports Illustrated since my brother was in highschool, but it would hardly surprise me to find out they do real journalism.

But, seriously, isn’t the person who is writing this worried about being arrested by the Ferguson cops?


Perhaps the PD can be sued for damages to the point where they are forced to sell their military arsenal to pay for court costs.


Yea, but then we will just have Sports Illustrated AND the police showing up in APCs.


Looks like they are averaging 3 a day. Do you think there’s a quota? Is there an enforcement policy behind these actions or is this just “officer discretion”. There is no indication of a policy supporting respect for the profession.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to do a story about these cases as a group?


SI certainly has some skilled photographers.


Unfortunately, when the PD gets sued, it’s the taxpayers that end up footing the bill. Perhaps the law should be changed such that pension funds, and the funds of all of the police “benevolent” societies get raided before it comes out of other parts of PD budget. Maybe then we’d get some cop on cop pressure to behave (Fucker, if you mess up, it screws up my retirement!).


People should be more careful about what damages they’re suing for. It should be perfectly reasonable to sue for the dissolution of an entity, reform of an entity, or at least the firing of key individuals in addition to whatever monetary damages are commensurate to the case. Not a lawyer, just an idealist.


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