Video of Ferguson police gassing newscrew and dismantling their equipment


So careful not to damage the equipment. If only they were so delicate with the 1st amendment.


You have to exercise your first amendment from behind the railings of the first amendment zone so it doesn’t get infringed.

I expect the third cop, the one who looks like he’s “covering” the dismantlers with his AR, is just using the night vision scope to look around, but that scene has – no pun – really bad optics.

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I have no explanation for why the police shot the tear gas at the news crew, but I don’t think they were dismantling the equipment. It looked more like they were trying to turn off the lights. The turning the camera to the ground was weird.

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That explains it. I really didn’t get it.

When I asked previously why police in a city would wear jungle camo under their riot gear, most people said it had to do with militarization and a military surplus program. That didn’t quite explain it to me. That explains the guns and the tanks and the body armor. Not the camo. This explains the camo:



By turning the lights to the ground and pointing the camera towards the ground they make sure that no video (incriminating or otherwise) is recorded by the news crew. All those pesky video clips circulating the internet are really annoying . . .

That seems illustrative. It wasn’t about the safety of the film crew because they had already left the scene (and you don’t teargas someone for their safety, no matter how much they may claim that). They may have wanted the lights down because it limited police ability to see. But the camera move and the sneaky looking around … so bad.


Actually, it is quite telling.


Today I learned the SWAT protocol for suppressing a news crew.


'Can’t have them liberal newsie fellas hanging round showing us oppressing the locals. If they think this is bad you just wait ‘til with break out the fire hoses and the vicious police dogs. It will be just like the old days. Ha, Ha, Ha, feel the power!’

Jesus. I really think it’s time to bring in the National Guard or something. Some 3rd party that doesn’t have the emotional involvement like the local cops do.


I find it troublesome that police would point an AR at someone to “just” use the optics.


The police are so corrupt, they can’t stop themselves from harassing media members, even though they know they are being recorded, and IGNORE the fact that their reputation is already in the toilet—they just don’t care. FIRE THEM ALL and start over again fresh, it would be the right thing to do.


The Ferguson police are the PROBLEM, at no time, under no circumstances should they be allowed to murder and unarmed man, woman or teenager. The they hide behind their cloak of law to create this disaster last night, intimidating, laughing at the protesters. The Governor wont do anything but compliment them on their paramilitary skills. You lawless cops and officials laugh now, there are way more of US than you and when we have had enough you will fear the wrath of the people.

They are so LAWLESS they wont even release how many times they shot this UNARMED teenager! That is because it will clearly show the murdering of a teenager.

I know many ferguson cops they are drunken, law breaking badge carrying punks.


This is what martial law looks like people.


interesting how “martial law” generally has to be used in liberal sanctuary welfare cities, while the “normal” parts of the country get along with their local law enforcement quite well.

“This is the end, my only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end”

So what rival forum has invited all the trolls to BoingBoing?