Video of Ferguson police gassing newscrew and dismantling their equipment

al jazerra is not really “news”. Still, this is disturbing from a freedom of speech standpoint…

It took the covering guy a while to realize he was being filmed.
Real combat situation he’d been dead meat.
Gives you an insight on the depth of their tactical training.


They have MANY tools in their arsenal besides slaughtering in the streets, they are so trained they couldn’t take down a teenager and arrest him? Really you think what they did was fine? Have you EVER been to ferguson? I am white, I know that police force, I know what they say while out drinking and partying then get in their cars and drive off drunken cops. You sir, have no idea just spouting off your ignorance from a long ways away.

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They obviously are just securing the equipment for the camera crew.

Please, , stop making crap up.

So much to eat. There goes my diet


Gee, ya think?

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Al Jazeera is far more news than most of the sad excuses of corporatist fearmongering we listen to. They piss off governmets all over the world, for reporting things that are inconvenient. Anyone who manages to piss off both the Syrian and Israeli governments at the same time is doing God’s work.


Keep up with the news. Michael Brown ATTACK a police man in his cruiser.
Despite what some have claimed, there is a video of it all.

If you see me attacking a cop sitting in his cruiser. …shoot me. I’'d deserve it.

What, like the Bundy ranch? They got along with their law enforcement just fine. </sarcasm>

This is why they call them pigs.

Seeing this, and the SWAT team arresting the WashPost reporter yesterday - not to mention clearing the McDonald’s “just because they can” - I have a new understanding why the Blacks in Ferguson want to kill the cops.

These are nothing but criminals wearing badges - especially the psycho thug with the AR pointing it at no target in particular, endangering the lives of everyone around him and this gang of cop-terrorists.

Face it, the cops are terrified themselves of cameras because they know they are nothing but thug criminals - lying about everything they do. Have you ever seen the story the cops tell actually match up to what the video recorded?

No, I didn’t think so. The cops are pathological liars, and the video is their greatest fear.

The “obstruction of justice” DAs are their best friends - and they are accessories to the serial felonies the cops commit. They encourage this criminality because the cops know no matter what they do, the DAs will do everything they can to cover up their crimes and get them off the hook.

Think of the DAs as attorneys for the cop mafia.

If you are looking for the police state, and the cops going rouge, this is what it looks like.

Anyone who backs this type of police state / martial law mentality has no idea what America’s Constitution says, and what this country is supposed to represent.

Lock the whole bunch of them up, starting with the Chief, and the county’s prosecutor.




The news crew set up in an unprotected area. Then they turned on bright lights aimed at the police, reducing their ability to detect threats. Shooting tear gas at the location was a little overboard, but removing the crew from a danger zone and removing the distracting lights was the right call.

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Well according to ABC news (Yes this is actually getting coverage in the national news.) they are using police dogs. Also according to the DAILYKOS the police chief has been relieved of duty.


And they needed to be covered by someone with an AR… why? This is America, we have media, and shutting them down is counter to our Constitution.

Full stop.

Fucking mall ninja cops running around with their tactical fetish gear on.


Imagine if the camera filming them had been a high powered rifle. Both cops, their backs toward the rifle. Two easy kill shots.

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Nope. They’ve been expanding their North American coverage over the last couple of years - doing a pretty good job of it too. Doing bang-up reporting on poverty issues, frankly. And newspeople run toward the sound of guns. Always have, always will.

It’s also kind of a thing for Al Jazeera crews to get very close to the action - a fair number of them have been killed doing it, in Libya, in Iraq, in Egypt. They still do it, and get the stories the polished, primped media personalities in the major networks are too scared to get.


Welcome to America where Paramilitary Police are the norm. “you must not photograph the Gestapo at work suppressing illegal activity”…


History that’s forgotten tends to repeat itself…

I smell another Kent State.

Please don’t include auto-play videos. It’s bandwidth-hostile.


My dad is as right wing as they come, a self professed hillbilly from Kentucky living in very rural Illinois, but a decently thoughtful guy. He fucking LOVES Al Jazerra America. Watches it all day.

It has brought intelligent and insightful news to many places in the country that, before, we only subjected to idiocy like CNN or Fox. He would never listen to NPR, but he understands much of what is happening in the world at large because of Al Jazeera America.