Does the iPhone X prove the Unabomber was right?


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In all things whacky, the Unabomber is always correct.


Timothy McVeigh had a point about how badly the Federal government bungled Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Those are the kinds of points that tend to get lost in a pile of senseless human carnage, though.


Yeah. I think once you commit to action, you are judged by the act, not the apprehension. Otherwise we could sit around and say … well, Bin Laden had a concrete point about the complete abrogation of sovereignty vis-a-vis the US involvement in middle eastern affairs. Or, Lenin had a concrete set of problems with the interim government post the February revolution.

Political acts require a commitment. I hope that we all agree that blowing people up with pipe bombs is not an act of sober criticism.


Yes, about the tiny house movement.


PS what could be more Boing Boing than an amazon affiliate link to a deluxe edition of the unabomber manifesto


" We went from “you can have a portable communication device” to “you must have a portable communication device” practically overnight."

This is why I hate facebook.


The mugshot vs. real face still disappoints me.


Wow. For the first time ever I realized that was hair on his forehead in the sketch and not a bandana.


Oh crazy. I always thought of it as loose curls but I can see why you thought it was a bandana.


Be as right as you like, it goes out the window when you start murdering people over it

Wot? I actually kinda like the idea of those little things. If nothing else we were going to do something like that as a bit of space expansion when a house turned out to be too small and more bedroom space was needed. Was kinda fun turning one of those prebuilt shed buildings into a plumbed and wired work. Sold the thing because we were about to move so get some of the money back. Probably got triple what got put into it…


Doubly so when the people you murder are innocents who have nothing to do with the cause you are championing (or “collateral damage” to use McVeigh’s term).


Yeah, Kaczynski may have had some points, despite being a murderous loon. But others have made them better and more cogently – and most importantly, without blowing any people up.




Was the Unabomber right? What, about that part where we’ve become unthinking slaves to our technology?

Yea, pretty much.


The thing I find funny about this is that the face scanning stuff is the exact same technology people went bitched about when Microsoft asked them to put it in their living room four years ago. Apple puts it in your pocket for making a piece of poo dance around and suddenly it’s the best thing ever.


For the truly reflexive fan, perhaps.

I, for one, find both MS and Apple creepy as fuck!


I’m surprised a young Weird Al Yankovic didn’t get picked up by the FBI based on the sketch.


They have to answer to the Tiny House Un-American Activities Committee.


Wow, that editorial was very underwhelming… Just a rehash of the old “agriculture ruined everything” line. Is it just me, or are techno-misanthropes disproportionally male?