Wozniak quits Facebook


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Mmmmmm K…


Wouldn’t this sort of be like a cathedral designer saying that God sucks?




Finally! Thank God for that! HE WOULD NOT STOP! He kept pestering me to be his Friend!
I had to be blunt in the end, F*&"^-off, Wozniak!


Woz didn’t design facebook…


It’s appropriate for a corporate person to keep its Facebook account, what with most of them being sociopaths in the first place. I am curious about which of the human Happy Mutants is still on there at this point. Can we get a tally?

It’s more like a cathedral designer saying that he doesn’t like drug dealers taking over the transept to peddle their wares.


I know.

Apple is to Facebook as Cathedral is to God.

It’s that whole computer hardware to networking service thingy.



You’ve corrupted the analogy!



I’m not sure I agree with your analogy, but I get what you mean, I guess. In one sense, Apple sort of made the world of internet walled gardens possible in the first place (closed silo software on their hardware). On the other, I don’t know how influential I’d say Apple was on the internet given that many people were buying PCs when the internet was really taking off and apple was still kind of in their wilderness phase with Jobs still out.


Could have been worse. I could have used moneylenders instead of drug dealers, and then where would we be? Nowhere good, let me tell you…


Using the userers? Normally that kind of talk is just bad grammar.


Cathedral is to Apple as synagogues/basilicas/meeting houses/barrio Iglesias/etc. are to other PC makers.



Sometimes bad grammar is appropriate. Ain’t I right?


Cambridge Analytica is one of the least bad things facebook has done. It baffles me that this was a tipping point.


Do the right thing, boing boing. Don’t be an enabler!


Yeah, the Woz helped create this social engineering experiment and now he wants to point fingers?


Come on Boing Boing… really? Delete it already!


Yeah, I don’t think I’m buying the analogy, even though I get it. It’s more of an issue of walled gardens vs. an open internet, and other PC and software companies have probably been as complicit in building the walled garden model as Apple.

And I’m not an apple fan, BTW, I just think it’s a wobbly analogy. Sorry.