Does this Husky sound Italian to you?

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Sounds like an Alfa Romeo.


At 46 seconds into this video, it really, really sounds like the dog is saying "あー、出来ないです。” (Ah, dekinai desu.), which just happens to mean “Oh, I can’t do it” in Japanese. At about 1 minute in, the dog whines “あー、無理!” (“Ah, muri!”) which means, “There is just no way.”


My shiba used to vocalize like that, but in a higher register(and I spoke to him in Italian mostly)… I think they really want to talk to us, we’re so lucky to have them as companions. I just need to stop anthropomorphising them :smiling_face:


You mean the way that it keeps cutting out? :thinking::smile:

@Jesse13927 I love how the Husky immediately settles in to confidently swimming when it hits the water.

@nick_warr Don’t feel bad, dogs Caninopomorphise people all the time.


Italian? I think it might have a sore throat. The pooch sounds kind of husky.

Italian here, he’s mimicking the neapolitan accent in quite a remarkable way!

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