Annoyed husky can't stop howling




I’m singing this note 'cause it fits in well
With the chords you’re howling
I can’t pretend there’s any meaning here
Or in the things I’m saying

But I’m in tune.

Right in tune.

I’m in tune.

And I’m gonna tune
Right in on you.


Remember the “I wuv you, mommy” Husky video several years ago? Sky said it, too. The face of the black and white Springer at the end was priceless!


You tell us the video is annoying, and then dare us to press play? What is this, some kind of Milgram experiment?


I remember the time I was in my backyard with my old dog and a fire truck siren could be heard in the distance. He started howling, but the look on his face was “I have no idea why I’m doing this”.


I was thinking the same thing. As someone who lives next door to three Jack Russells, I’m on the verge of insanity with yappy/barky/howly dogs right now. I wouldn’t even care if they can say, “sausages”.


Sadie clearly whispered something shocking into the husky’s ear before all the trouble started. Bad Sadie.


I think what we see here is an illustration of a feedback loop. And also the attitudes of different breeds. At the end the Springers are contrite. The Husky simply says, “I have better things to do than acknowledge you.”


In my experience huskies are also very “talky” dogs as well. It might be true, but it’s probably just a biased sample. But every husky I’ve met is significantly more vocal than most breeds. Or maybe all dogs vocalize as much as huskies, but they do it at a pitch we humans don’t pay attention to or notice as much.


My suspicion is that the spaniels enjoy howling, but keep forgetting how to do it, so they ask the husky to start.




I’m pretty sure that big guy is a Malamute. I raised three of them. There are some similarity’s, but each is unique.


Is the odd ‘warbling’ a compression artifact or something, or is the husky craftily using frequency modulation to transmit some sort of nefarious dog-signal?


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