Husky puppy's first howl


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I can’t get either of my bassetts to howl. I show them videos and try encouraging them to do it by trying it out myself. They just act concerned for me.


Cockerdoodle mix: he ONLY howls when an ambulance or firetruck goes by then it is super cute
he seems kind of embarrassed afterwards


Siamese cat is looking suspiciously around room for other concealed siamese.


Someone autotune that husky stat!


:c i miss having a puppers




It seems like Huskys are more vocal than other dogs. I kinda want one.


The pupkid’s got a lot to say if people would just listen to him…certainly makes more sense than some humans I’ve heard howling lately.


My wife and I have a Papillon. He is the most vocal dog I know of. He feels things very deeply.

@anotherone, He didn’t really used to howl until my wife and daughter started doing the Angry Birds mighty eagle call from the movie. Now he howls all the time…

We also have a Chinese Crested. She is not as vocal, but her vocalizations are fascinatingly unique. More chirps and trills than one would normally expect a dog to make.


That is indeed super cute and adorable. Not sure if I could resist joining in with the howling…


Hold all my calls. I’m dying from the cuteness.


I know! I swear up and down the little pupper sounds exactly like my brown tabby!



Huskies and Malamutes do have a reputation for being very chatty dogs who will vocally argue with you about tasks you ask them to do.


Psshhhh that’s nothin’ on this lil guy…


This is werewolf discrimination.


Baskets, I believe, prefer to “bay.”


I had an Afghan/Irish Wolfhound that would howl along with a piano.


Same with our dane (my avatar). He always seems rather depressed about his uncontrollable, primal urges to howl than embarrassed. For better or worse, we live within a three block radius of two hospitals and one fire station…

That husky puppy is the essence of cuteness.