Watch this adorable corgi howl when she eats

Originally published at: Watch this adorable corgi howl when she eats | Boing Boing

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“I thought there was something wrong with her”

My guess too. I’ve seen too many “cute” animals on Reddit only to have someone post in the comments that the reason they are cute is because they have some awful disease and this is just a symptom that we are viewing as cute.


IIRC Willo mostly stopped howling as she grew up, and for a while they were mainly reposting older videos of her? Not sure if that affects your guess.

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Daw, wittle arroos! Her ears were floppy as a puppy!

Some dogs are just more vocal than others. Huskies are well known to be big “talkers”.

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Could also be that the ‘awroo’ translated from puppy as ‘Oh woe is me, my bowl is nearly empty, I shall surely starve’

Then when she got older and this did not happen, like the rest of us she just resigned herself to the awful reality of adulthood - ‘what do you mean, I can’t eat Doritos at 3am whenever I want???!!!’

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