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This might just be related to the age of some of the legacy IT infrastructure; but doesn’t it seem a bit curious that the angelic wings show more compression artifacts than the dog does?

A more modern, enterprise grade, afterlife architecture solution would be much better served by a library of losslessly compressed wings, halos, and similar art assets; with deduplication across all members of the heavenly host keeping total storage requirements well below that of even the most aggressively compressed; but non-deduplicated, assets.

Where things get tricky, of course, is the question of how hard to compress each one of the saved…

Calvinist heaven was a relatively simple contract: the customer already knew exactly how many of the elect there would be, and who, so we were able to just encode each one to a known target size in the first pass.

Most of the others, though, are more complex: dealing with rough estimates of storage requirements, allocating encoding resources to ensure that items queuing in the purgatory buffer are processed within the correct amount of time, “How much chroma subsampling is permitted before the result doesn’t count as ‘saved’ for relevant purposes?”, explaining that there is an alpha channel; but not an omega channel… Lots of considerations to deal with.


To say nothing of the logistical hell that is… Hell.

But satan’s team is comprised of professionals who are no stranger to cutting corners and taking the easy way out. And in the process, they add that fine patina of shittiness that has garnered Hell its reputation as the worst workplace under earth.

Reusing code objects? HA! Just write up a script, or get a shoop monkey to solve it. Why make a good solution for everyone when individualized spaghetti code makes it just that much more Hellish.

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Administration is a great deal easier when the SLA is just a piece of disturbingly-human parchment with 'Worse is Better" scrawled on it in some sort of mephitic ichor.


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The dog is either a Samoyed or a samoyed mix. Or a white Belgian Shepard. Not 100% sure

Looks throughly shitpic’d to me, dog and all. Maybe the lousy compression is just more obvious in the fine-detailed areas with more contrast? Flat-color parts, particularly bright ones, seem to be more forgiving to this sort of mangling.

I think not a Samoyed - or at least not full Samoyed. I say that as an owner of an American Eskimo that 90% of people think is a Samoyed. Face isn’t round/wide enough.

My suspicion is that the two source images were not of suitably matching size, and the angle wings had to be scaled:

JPEG compression uses block splitting, which is why they often show a discernable ‘grid’ effect at nastier compression levels; but in this image the boundary between the dog and the environment is no more or less artefacted than the background is, while blocks at the boundary of the angle wings are crunchy as hell.

I’d assume that the wings were JPEG compressed once; then scaled up a bit and pasted onto the dog; and the result was then compressed(the dog photo was probably a JPEG as well, since happy-snaps rarely use RAW; but was probably a decently high quality one before the process) once again, leaving the picture overall a bit grainy; but making the scaled-up compression artifacts from the angel wings brutally visible.

If you desaturate the image, the difference between the artifact blocks and the general compression gets even starker(since the luma channel is treated as more important, and less brutally squeezed than the chroma channels).

Experimentally, a couple of generations of re-compressing the image eventually cause the dog’s fuzz to start turning into the same harsh pixel-hash-blocks; but the angel wings appear to be at least one generation more compressed than the dog.

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Shutup shutup shutup! I can’t hear you! La la la la la!

Hey, the other option was a link to The Onion’s classic ‘Your Dog is in Heaven now; with No One to Feed Him’. I think that I took the high road here.


I think so as well. The face and ears in particular don’t look quite right even if the dog’s fur has been trimmed, as some owners in hotter climates do. It’s either a mix or another breed that happens to have a very white coat that has a passing resemblance.

And yeah American Eskimo dogs are much smaller aren’t they?

Yeah he is about 35 pounds compared to 40-70 pounds for a Samoyed

100% non-shooped angel


Is it a bad sign that I’m seeing the predator and the grain-eater and thinking of Cain and Abel? A mouse would have to get super-pissed to successfully attack a bat; but you never know…

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There are different types of angels…

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