The first trailer for Good Omens makes the apocalypse look delightful


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Looks good. Does anyone know what date in 2019 it starts up? I should set a reminder!


That book is like a best friend, always there when you need it.


To make sure of that, I keep a fresh copy in a fireproof box, together with my insurance papers, will, etc.

(I’m not likely to end up on a deserted island, but stuck in an evacuation centre for days on end following an earthquake is a real possibility.)


I hope they have a mostly Queen soundtrack.


Looks promising.

Cue the “Christian” outrage that Eve is not white in 3, 2, 1…


It has a demon and an angel working together to stop the end times. Fundie outrage is pretty much guaranteed at that point, so they might as well go all the way with upsetting them.


They will if they leave the tape in their car for a fortnight.


I love the book and this looks really promising. I, for one, welcome this apocalypse


Then I would suggest “Black Easter” by James Blish instead, a way darker vision of the apocalypse.


I’ll just leave this here.


I’m not Christian but I get weary whenever I see angels portrayed as humanoids having feathery bird wings - as the Bible says no such thing. The Bible actually describes angels in far more interesting and nutty forms.
But do we get those angels? Those freaky angels? Nope. Just a person with bird wings… every. single. time.

If I remember by my basics of Art History correctly, it was artists of the Renaissance who took the liberty to make it all about bird wings – and hey, come to think of it, they were also the ones who decided to portray the ‘forbidden fruit’ as an apple; mainly because it’s an easily recognizable fruit for their audiences (and figs were already a go-to for sexual innuendo).

Effin Renaissance dudes. So lazy in their imagery.


Also, it has witches! So many things to piss off the fundies!


I once bought an unmarked cassette, no box or label, just “see inlay card for details”. No inlay card either.

Imagine my delight that the first song it played was Queen :metal:t2:

(It was actually a recording of an early 90s regional radio show including the cinema review. Only 30 minutes long. No, I don’t know why either.)


It’s rather impressive, the track record Gaiman’s had with adaptations. It would seem he’s done an uncommonly good job of retaining some degree of creative control.

How did you feel about the radio version?

I suppose we can only dream of a Foglio graphic novel. [Click the image for the second page.]


In this case it does make sense. Aziraphale is meant to fit in human society and watch over us, and he can’t really do that looking like an Ezekiel hallucination.


Though there is that bit early in the book at the (spoiler) where Crowley turns briefly into a (spoiler), so, maybe? :innocent:


And it was harder to paint Knowledge of Good and Evil back then because they didn’t have glitter-paints.


Yeah. Angels are portrayed as human-looking sometimes (the ones who went to get the lowdown on Sodom and Gomorrah for example*) but not with 2 neato retractable bird-wings at their beck-and-call.
Though I do think Cherubs are usually described as having wings at all times - but no birds or feathers mentioned… so probably just Cherub-skin-covered wings more like a bat (yea!)

*God needed eyes on the ground for intel even though he’s omnipotent… but I digress


Gaiman was the show runner on this mini-series, so I imagine it with be as faithful as you can get. He has mentioned that some of the ideas from the sequel that he and Terry Pratchett were discussing but now will never write has made it into this series. That alone sounds amazing even if some other parts end up not working.