Dog catches monkeypox in first reported human-to-pet transmission

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In the Before Times, I would have believed there would be a full-court press to hospital-isolate all cases, quarantine all contacts, and ring-vaccinate aggressively. From the very first case.

But now that public-health has been turned into an epithet, and public-health officials have suffered through 2 years of abuse and intimidation, there’s zero effort to eliminate this virus.

We already knew that “doing nothing unless this quarter’s corporate profits are at risk” was going to be the template for all future population-level disasters. But it’s still depressing to watch it play out.


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An Italian greyhound

So I assumed this meant a greyhound in Italy. Until I read the bit about The Lancet and the CDC, when it became clear that where this happened had not been mentioned.

From The Lancet’s article:

Two men who have sex with men attended Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France,


12 days after symptom onset, their male Italian greyhound, aged 4 years and with no previous medical disorders, presented with mucocutaneous lesions, including abdomen pustules and a thin anal ulceration

I had no idea that an Italian greyhound was a specific breed. Or was it just born there and hadn’t yet naturalised as a French citizen? :wink:

Not that it really matters where - it could have been anywhere!

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Once again, I will plead with the universe, can we stop now with the “if you are not in the MSM community you have nothing to worry about?” This is not historically an STI, it is spread by direct contact. Yes, sex involves direct contact, and the disease was introduced into the MSM community, hence spreading there primarily initially. There is absolutely nothing keeping it there. If you engage in contact with other humans, you are at risk. This is a new presentation for this illness, but we do have history on it. Going back decades. We do know it, even if it may have modified itself. Orthopox viruses are usually pretty stable and not prone to throwing tons of variants, although this one may be doing just that. We are not sure yet. Just be careful.


Yeah, poor ees pupper!

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