Dog "dancing" to Native American music


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This is what won Best Picture in 1990?


A little different than I remember:


At first I was like LOL.
Then I felt dirty…because the dog is really trying to get out…so we laugh at him to music.


That’s ironic because dogs aren’t allowed at pow wows.


Yep, only at bow wows.

… I’ll show myself out.


While this video isn’t actually from a powwow, as long as your animals are outside the dancing arena or any other sacred/blessed spaces you will see dogs at gathering, esp if it’s a multi-day event with camping/trailering.

I just realized you might be joking on the dog doing a fancy dance. If that is so then good one. That’s a solid joke that almost nobody will get, even me and I used to sell trade beads at gathering several times a year. I have to respect jokes that require the audience to actually know something that isn’t a popular culture reference.

3 thumbs up, would read again.


Well that video had Native American music, which one might hear at a pow wow dance. But right, they can’t be in the dancing area. I only know this because I have been to a couple and they had info on conduct and dos and don’ts.


So here is what I see.
1/ A dog held captive in a run behind a fence, making what looks to me like stereotype repetitive movements. This happens because they are under stress due of lack of sensory variance in their environment.

2/ Music playing that appears to match the dogs movements.

3/ No proof that the music was being played to the dog during filming.

In conclusion should we be calling animal services rather than watching said video?

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