Dog destroys wet driveway concrete

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If that happened to me I’d just leave it.

I guess if you’re worried about the trip hazard you could fill in the pawprints with that self-levelling stuff, or colorful resin or something.

(assuming this is the only damage the dog did. If they just let him run around on there for hours then yeah it’d be ruined. As would his little paws)


A couple of years ago our front path was redone after some city sidewalk construction.

As it was drying, suddenly the dog steps in it, I was being careful but kind of forgot he wouldn’t know better. So he caught me off guard, and the footprint remains. I actually did something at the time, I forget what, to lessen the impact, maybe I was successful.

To make it worse, this was a redo. The city’s contractor used the wrong mix or it was to cold so the first path didn’t realky set properly, every time I shovelled snow it scraped off some of the path. So they redid it the next spring. The dog could have had his fun with the first try, and thus not leave permanent damage, but he waited for the second try.

I was worried about the cement on his paw, but it came off with the walk to the park.


Nice idea! I was going to say, leave it as an art installation, but smoothing it out with colorful leveler would do that in a better way.


Doesn’t wet concrete cause burns? Hope the doggo is okay.


What’s the name for when you cringe and laugh at the same time?

One might have to. I’d think smoothing over fairly deep holes like that would risk bubbles of air being trapped that would ruin its integrity, and the holes are pretty far into it, making it difficult to even access the areas. Filling it afterwards might be the best bet.

Teenagers ruined my wet concrete multiple times, and not even intentionally. They just kept stepping in it or walking through it.

I’ve noticed paw prints on sidewalks with decades old dates stamped into them.

One time I was walking along a residential street and a truck’s door was open with some equipment on the ground. I walked around it, and stepped in wet cement that the workman had just done. He shouldn’t have cluttered tge sidewalk.

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It’s still very wet and workable. It looks like the guy who tried to stop the dog was holding a float or a trowel. I’m sure they just went back in and worked it smooth. After securing the dog.

Above or beneath the pavement?

The street finds its own uses for things; but sometimes people find their own uses for the street.


There’s a rumor about such activity in the cellar of a house on my street. Wife disappears, supposedly visiting relatives. Same week the cellar gets a concrete floor. She’s never heard from again.


I’m sure they could have, but why? Anyone can have a joyless flat Soviet driveway; wabi-sabi only happens where it happens.

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He did a poor job on the first try anyway. Look at those big float gouges on the center line. I would be underwhelmed with the finishers if I was paying for that.

I was thinking they were waiting for it to firm up a bit before getting back on it and finishing. If that was the finish, I agree.

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