Dog evades justice


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Good dog!


I love dogs’ idea of stealth. When I had dogs and cats at the same time I had a dog who would eat out of the litter box. I could never catch him in the act–when I came in he’d be sitting near the litter box looking quite innocent.

It was the little bits of litter on the front of his nose that gave him away.


This doggie is supernatural.


We used to have two yellow labs and in the evening when we’d put them out back while we were making dinner, they would always test a door to see if they could get back in the house.
Their normal way of coming inside when I opened the door was to literally burst in like a herd of elephants.
If they could poke the door open when we didn’t notice, they would quietly walk over to their beds - as quiet as they could with dog nails on oak floors - “yea, we’re not really here. Pay no attention to us”.


I need to start using this technique. When something’s not going well, just sloooooowly back out of the room you’re in. It’s sure to work well.


Motsie’s got Moxie.


Is Motsie a Mainer? Because from what I understand, Moxie Makes Mainer Mutts Mighty!




from that stuttering .gif i don’t see ‘evading stealth’ so much as ‘having japanese horror-style seizure moment’


Duke could use some stealth lessons…


I think that this kitty look lessons from Motsie


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