Dog finds it necessary to destroy window blinds

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The cat has absolutely no right to be shocked at the dog destroying blinds. Our cats have done just as much damage to our blinds. Even the $300 cat-proof ones.


Video link for the BBS


My most intelligent graceful amazing doggo in all the dog-verese just puts her nose under them [window coverings] and takes a peak out the window, don’t be jelly.


To be fair, those blinds did look yummy and were blocking the view.


Maybe time to switch to vertical blinds instead of those horizontal ones… much more flexible and forgiving to curious noses.

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I couldn’t help but be reminded by the headline of this:

Vertical blinds just wave tantalizingly back and forth at the slightest breeze. No pet can resist that.

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I love that the guilty dog’s name is Michael / Mike. Most of the Michaels I’ve known have been both cute and a bit of trouble.

Not the first time it’s happened? Mickey needs an appt to get neutered.

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