Dog owners ask groomer for a 'lion cut.' The resulting dog-do is hilarious



Huh. I think you’ve mistaken hilarity for abuse.

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Abuse… Seriously? For a bad haircut? Apart from a few weeks of a chilly ass, the dog ain’t much gonna care.

Oh, I’m sorry - was I standing on your outrage?


I don’t know that i’d go that far… but, the groomer obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing. That’s like a “pintrest fail” version.

But but but… he was laughing at it! Poor doggy, that’s totally bullying!


The best thing about it is that guys laughing. Apparently that was just what he needed, what a riot. If that’s the worst abuse that silly mutt ever has he’s living a pretty good life.


Yep, that’s why I’m not a dog groomer. That’s the cut I’d have provided too. :wink:

That’s what a lion cut looks like, yes. Is the joke that the owner asked for a lion cut despite not knowing what it was?


The reactions from the other dogs (and the owner) is a big part of it.

(admittedly, it helps a lot if you tend to anthropomorphize the dogs’ actions…)

yeah, color me confused- he asked for a lion cut and he got a lion cut? Is that… hilarious?


Give me a fucking break.

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Shit, I’ve never seen the film. Spoiler alerts next time, please.

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Dog owners ask groomer for a “lion cut.” The owner finds the result hilarious. Internet finds result commonplace, owner’s reaction only mildly amusing,


Maybe the owners asked for a lyin’ cut, and got a lion cut instead…?

Now, if only that dog had been on the 3rd floor of a building with un-obscured glass windows, THEN we’d be all over it!

As a general rule, most species which regularly lick their testicles in public aren’t especially concerned about public humiliation.


I don’t know how you manage it but that kind of clear thinking observation is important for survival in a dog eat dog world. Great insight!

Wouldn´t that make them rather deserving of public admiration though?

I am really, REALLY getting cheesed off by the clickbait bullshit headlines.

I googled up “lion cut” and it didn’t look too far off from others; however, I did find this cute puppy dog

Happy Friday!