Dog groomer at PetSmart arrested for animal cruelty after dog dies

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“If someone did this to my dog, I would have to be physically restrained”

If it was mine it would be full on “it rubs the lotion on its skin”.


But was it clean?


We know that the dog was brought there with no injuries or no known illnesses of any kind

That sounds a lot more difficult to establish than this throwaway comment gives it credit for.


Police talked to the groomer before arresting him. I’m guessing he admitted guilt.

I have no doubt the incident was captured on video.

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I’ll bet the dog fell off the grooming table and broke its ribs. Poor little dude. It was probably an accident but who knows. I really hate hearing about animals in distress.

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No way. I have two doxies. They jump from 4 or 5 feet up and just roll with it. They’ve fallen off tables, chairs, benches, worst was a sprained ankle or sore foot. They are not graceful but they are robust.

Broken ribs like this says they were kicked to me, and hard.


Yeah, their average weight of the largest dachshund is something like 1/4 of the average human weight. So the momentum from falling an equal height would be 1/4 of that of a human. We don’t break ribs from falling off of tables.


Oh man. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. If that’s the case, I hope this guy gets the book thrown at him. If I was a judge I think I’d probably have a reputation for being relentless when it comes to sentencing those guilty of animal abuse, puppy mills, etc.


No groomer would accept a dog with injuries or anything that is noticeably wrong with it; in fact if it’s bleeding that’s enough for them to call animal services and a vet immediately (the dog was bleeding from the mouth from the reports). If they did that would be completely negligent on their part; grooming is physically demanding as the dog has to be restrained (even the most well-behaved dogs need minor restraint, poorly-behaved ones would require more up to the point where the groomer will then crate them and stop the grooming process). If the groomer accepted an injured animal for grooming is just as bad (but in a different way) as what is reported.

Going to go with Missy_Pants on this one. Dogs in general are tough buggers; it’s pretty much unheard of for this level of injury to happen from falling off a grooming table. From a table fall they may break a bone or get a concussion, but not multiple rib breaks and internal bleeding. This jackass beat the dog.

I can’t even comprehend what I would feel if this happened to my pup. It makes me sick with rage and sadness seeing it happen to someone else’s dog; for me it’s something that I just can’t predict but it won’t be calm and civil.



And I’m with @jamesnsc - they would have to put this dude in protective custody.


Well, on the plus side, at least it wasn’t a cat.

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Pretty much.

Just gonna leave this here. :slight_smile:


This is going to turn into a pet thread, and I dunna curr!! :wink:


I’ve got mad hate for PS. Turning this into a pet thread might be the best option.


They are not a good store! They literally carry maybe two things I want, and not even all the time!

This is not my dog, but close! :slight_smile:


I wonder if there’s a negligent supervision civil claim against PetSmart. It’s nauseating how their advertising contrasts with their cynical greed.

I had a GSD that was boarded with them, shortly before being sent to my ex. They had an obligation to spend a certain amount of time 1:1 with the pup, but didn’t tell me they were afraid of her and just kept her locked up the whole time.

(Bad mistake I made compromising with an ex.)


I don’t know how she does it, but whenever I try to snap a pic of her napping in this particular position she always knows.