Cat saves boy from dog attack




Honest to god this video is a pivotal moment in my opinion of cats.


Pssh. Anecdote is not evidence. open_mouth


What a great cat!

The dog, though...


I knew that Tad Williams had it right!


That cat is a total badass. That dog is right piece of shit. I hope my cat would do that for me.


Domestic cats are a lot more social than they get credit for. They're solitary hunters, so they don't form tight, authority-driven, cooperative packs like dogs do, but ferals do form loose-knit colonies, show affection, share extra food, and cooperate to drive off invaders. Female mammals in general are fiercely protective of their young, and the differences between children and adults are common across all mammals--undersized limbs, oversized eyes and head, awkward movements, high-pitched voices--so they easily recognize human children even if the kid is bigger than the cat. I've known a few cats that wouldn't let adults touch them but would calmly tolerate all sorts of man-handling from a toddler.

Cats are pretty great.


Good kitty!



Tara became a part of the Triantafilo family in 2008. She loves to be pet and comes when called.

She also said the dog belonged to a neighbor and is now under voluntary observation for two weeks at Bakersfield Animal Control.

The neighbor was pulling their vehicle out of their gated driveway when the dog escaped.

The neighbor called 911 on behalf of the boy and his mother.

Glad to see they're not automatically putting the dog down for once, though I'd recommend life in prison for the little shit. Neighbor needs to be compelled to get him trained and build a better fence, in addition to paying for the medical bills.


What kind of freaked me out was the number of cameras that were recording the scene. Puts the NSA to shame.

We have a bunch of dogs and it upsets me when people keep overly aggressive pets. Around here it takes one dog bite to have the animal put on probation, two and they get put down.

I've seen cats attack dogs before. It just depends on the territory and circumstances.


Cat Jealously Protects Its Toy From Interloper


Immediate response, neutralise the danger, check the victim. A natural-born bodyguard.


We had a bunch of barn cats when I was a kid and I would always catch the kittens to tame them... One time one of the kittens started screaming bloody murder and I had several moms on my heels going for the rescue (they did not cease and desist once I put it down) -- the only time that I was ever afraid of cats.


Kitteh, have a pile of catnip and a whole tin of tuna for dinner. You've fiercely earned it.

You didn't RTFM:
Sgt. Joe Grubbs, Bakersfield Police spokesman, said the dog will be quarantined for 10 days then euthanized.

Read: They'll see if it shows signs of disease, then dissect it to really see if it has rabies or not.


Precisely why all dogs should die and all cats rule.

Yeah, yeah, flame on... I couldn't care less.


I believe that.... now. smile


We need a Categic Defense Initiative to protect all American driveways from neighbor dogs.


That is crazy talk, I hope you are getting the help you clearly need.


It looks like the article was changed since Daneyul quoted it. It no longer says "two weeks" for the voluntary observation.