"Good guy" with a gun shoots woman in the leg


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If you have a gun hammer, everything looks like a nail.


You have to train them young or they can be a real menace. A very misunderstood breed, firearms owners.


It’s hard to be grateful if you’re ded.


Okay then, arrest that guy’s ass. He killed someone and needs to go to trial to determine whether he committed a crime. He is responsible for every round fired after all, Captian Szilagy.


May this responsible gun owner be put in a small room for a long time.


the woman, 53, was mauled by a pit bull while walking on Monday evening, was shot in the hip and taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Crazy. Is the death a combination of being mauled plates getting shot. Or was it the shot that really killed her?


If the mauling wouldn’t have killed her, getting shot in the pelvis wouldn’t have been helpful.

It’s really dangerous getting shot in the pelvis. There’s a lot of big arteries, and it’s really hard to control bleeding there.


Those are some of the largest arteries in the body. I imagine one could bleed out pretty quickly if either was torn open by a bullet.


If she had been allowed to carry her own concealed pitbull this would not have ended in tragedy.


Only an autopsy can answer that question.

Cynically, I believe the NRA will attempt to influence the coroner’s findings.




Heck of a job, Browning!


I’m sick and tired of people carrying guns who shoot someone being called a “Good Samaritan.”

The Good Samaritan didn’t chase after the people who robbed a man and left him to die on the side of the road. He helped him, got him to a safe place and paid for his care.


They are just what you would call Alternative Samaritans.


Chaotic Good Samaritans?


Chaotic Neutral, at best.


We’re gunna have the best Samaritans, Samaritans like you’ve never seen, the people are going to love it, we have the Greatest Samaritans.


“we’re responsible for every round we fire.”

Except, of course, the rounds that kill black people. Those rounds we aren’t responsible for, because: (choose answer from list) the officer feared for their life; the officer thought the person had a gun; the person was a criminal; the person was a thug; the person resisted arrest; the person talked back; the person ran away; the person refused to put out a cigarette when we ordered them to; the person appeared likely to hurt themselves; the officer had a bad case of the Mondays.