"Good guy" with a gun shoots woman in the leg


Samaritans of Chaos has a ring to it. Band name? Book title?


Here is a site that includes information about how to kill a dog.

As this story sadly illustrates, it’s quite difficult, even if you are armed - only an expert marksman is likely to be able to shoot a dog while it is actually attacking. Learning to use a knife is a much better option for anyone without the physical strength required to snap a large dog’s neck.


I’m pretty sure a reasonable system would find him guilty of at least involuntary manslaughter.


Oh, and also: the person was found much later to have had weed on their person (but no evidence of use), so the cop justified it as “they were high”.


No, see, this can’t have been a good guy with a gun. A real good guy would have shot the dog, or this guy while he was about to shoot the woman, and have been Scottish.


What you did there, see it I do.


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The very best! The… wait… I’m being told… Samaritans are from where?..Sa ma what?.. Not “Good” Samaritans! Bad Samaritans! Must ban all Samaritans immediately. MAGA!


Good Samericans!


Agreed. I believe this is the definition of manslaughter.


Secret society. At least, it was.


Given the stats cited in the linked article (fewer than 2% of the US population even bitten per year, never mind worse), a better use of your time would likely be learning to not fall off step ladders, not start bar fights, and avoid people like the guy who wrote the article.


Damn, they’re on to us.
You know what to do.


Okay, but seriously there is a big difference between getting shot and later dying, and dying from a gunshot wound. Particularly when you’re getting mauled by an animal at the same time. There seems to be a need for clarity here. If she was getting superficial injuries from the dog and then was killed by the bullet, that’s one thing. But it seems within the realm of possibility that she was getting fucked up pretty bad, and the flawed attempt to save her by shooting the dog was the best among bad options.

There are some serious holes in this reporting.


Ah, the parable from the Bible about the Good Samaritan who comes on a man who has been robbed, beaten, and left at the side of the road. The Samaritan shoots the man who bleeds to death on the way to the hospital. Its one of most quoted stories from the Bible about firearms. Jesus really loved firearms.


There are serious holes in the victim, and the one created by a gunshot wound to her hip may well have contributed to her horrific death even if it wasn’t the sole cause. A shattered pelvis or severed femoral artery can easily cause death all on its own.

The reporting didn’t go into great detail about the ultimate cause of death because it just happened and there presumably hasn’t even been a complete autopsy yet. What we DO know is that the bullet wound surely didn’t do the victim any favors.


Guns are very hard and fairly hefty right?

Why didn’t the guy with a gun use it to, I dunno, take advantage of the leverage a human arm offers and bash the dog with gun?

I seem to remember that hand to hand combat training also includes pistol whipping. Which is preferable when you don’t have a clear shot at an adversary currently attacking someone else.

Or would that be unsporting.


I was savaged by dogs as a child and I carry visible scars on both wrists and forearms today, 50 years later. No reports were made to police or other authorities, who aren’t tracking such injuries anyway.

My friend Nikki’s face was ripped clean off her skull by someone’s friendly pet dog. Three surgeries (one to reattach, two plastic) and fifteen years later she’s doing pretty well.

You do know they go after children and small women, right? That’s the segment of the population you’re recommending that I shouldn’t bother learning how to defend.

EDIT: I actually try not to think of this stuff when it’s not necessary, so I forgot to mention that a dog tore the arm completely off a family friend in 2014. Luckily she survived and a dog mauling specialist reattached the arm.


I don’t know about that. Increasingly I find myself thinking will someone just put me out of my misery?

Apropos of abso-fucking-lutely nothing on the world stage, right now, of course.


Frank, the “pupper” who ripped Emily’s arm off, completely unprovoked:

I will spare you all the pictures of an eight-year-old with bones hanging out of her.