"Good guy" with a gun shoots woman in the leg


Not necessarily.

Because there was no crime in progress, this probably doesn’t fall under a possible charge of constructive manslaughter, so he would have to be charged with criminally negligent manslaughter. He would have to be shown as criminally reckless, but even then recklessness is not grounds for such a charge in all jurisdictions.

The law is a lot more complicated than as portrayed on television…


I’m thinking you and I use the word “friendly” differently.



Well, that’s how the owners described their dog. Also “sweet” and “loving”.

Par for the course, really. When I was attacked by a dog the first time, my father went to the home of the dog’s owner and told her about it; she said “my dog wouldn’t do that” and slammed the door in his face.


NRA’s latest message:
Only thing that will stop a bad guy with a bump stock is a good guy with a bump stock.


Darn it! I was just coming here to say, “The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a True Scotsman with a gun.”


Regardless of whether the woman died as a direct result of the dog attack or the gunshot, she died. Is the Yosimite Sam gif really the best Boing Boing can come up with? This isn’t an article about one idiot injuring some other idiot. The main takeaway from this is that a woman died…


A woman died because a jackass couldn’t control their dog and another jackass couldn’t aim. This is why licenses fucking matter.


It seems that the gun being used as an actual hammer would’ve been a more humane alternative, to all involved.
Death by dog mauling is low on my list of ways I don’t want to go. Followed by being shot. Next to being shot by an idiot with a gun.
This whole story rings parllel to M’erica under mr Tdump.

Incidentally, where I live in Michigan a person out on a jog got mauled to death by a pack of neighborhood dogs that got loose. Some time ago.


There are a lot of idiot dog owners in the world. :disappointed:


Are you disappointed in BoingBoing? @jlw I think this brand new user could go on the list.


We have coyotes in the neighborhood, idiots that put their garbage out the afternoon before, and bins that aren’t quite raccoon-proof. It won’t end well.




Takes about eight minutes or less according to all the reading I’ve done where someone got shot or stabbed in that area.




“The only thing that can stop a bad guy straw man with a gun is a True Scotsman with a gun.”



sounds like a Texas Sharpshooting match


Even cops (who are obviously trained on how to kill things) have trouble at times (and yeah, I know they routinely shoot and kill dogs.

The example I witnessed personally, was brought in to the clinic I was working at by the policeman who shot the dog. It was a pretty big pitbull that had apparently rushed out of the yard at the cop when they went to serve a warrant. Dog bit his partner, then turned to him.

I have to give him credit for waiting as long as possible. The dog had powder burns on the nose, and a nice small entry wound under the tongue (i.e. mouth open at time of shooting), and an exit wound under the jaw, and a furrow on it’s chest between the front legs. The guy shot the dog as it was lunging at him with mouth open.

And yeah, totally non-fatal wound, but enough to stop the attack. Cops brought the stunned and bleeding dog to us, we anesthetized and repaired it, and the cop paid the bill. We got instructions to return the dog to the owner’s wife when she came to pick it up.

I was pretty surprised by how the whole thing went down, both medically (the damage was honestly pretty minimal, though a bit shocking looking), and socially.


the idea that you could shoot an animal who is in front of a person, and not risk severely injuring or killing the person? it takes a lot of “responsible gun ownership” to think that way.

it’s not the aiming. it’s the shooting.