"Good guy" with a gun shoots woman in the leg


Okay, God knows we need less guns around here, but am I the only one who read the part where she was being mauled to death by a wild dog? If a vicious animal was attempting to eat me and my only hope was a shaky redneck with a handgun, fuck yes I’d want him to take that shot. If nothing else it’s a better way to go than being torn apart.


I’d rather that guy literally took extra time carefully unloading the gun, proving the chamber was empty, then throwing it away as hard as he could, before he came to help me.

Assuming that the gun holder has no experience with firearms, of course.

And “seeing one on TV” doesn’t count.

There’s more guns than people in the US. But a lot more than half of the guns are owned by a lot less than half of the people. So… It depends where you are, and the local culture.


CBS Detroit cites police as saying the woman, 53, was mauled by a pit bull while walking on Monday evening, was shot in the hip and taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her name wasn’t immediately released.

Stray pitbull not a wild dog and the summary doesn’t say she was going to die from it, though she may have.


Do you understand that this woman was almost certainly going to die either way if something wasn’t done quickly? I feel like you’re imagining a scrawny, frightened stray drawing a little blood, and some testosterone-soaked idiot going full Rambo when he should have just smacked it with a rolled-up newspaper. Pit bulls are total sweethearts if they’re raised right, but they were bred to fight actual, literal bulls and they can destroy a human being if attacking in earnest.


Don’t use tools you don’t know. Especially ones designed to kill everything fast.



Dangerous dog, actively attacking someone. You would be thoroughly justified in putting the boot in as hard as necessary.

Drawing a gun in that situation is completely fucking insane. As is demonstrated by the outcome.


Why do you keep saying that the guy didn’t know guns? The article says he has a concealed-carry license.


He tried to defend someone and finished up killing them.


You know, we in the rest of the world have dogs. Dogs that sometime hurt people.

Somehow, we dont need guns to deal with that, which minimizes the possibility of us actually shooting anybody.

A branch, a broom, a chair, a fucking kick in the ribs of the thing…


This also applies to stupid people who keep dogs that are not properly trained or controlled. Which I think is related to keeping guns; a false sense of security.
I believe that most of the children killed by dogs in this country have been close relatives of the dog keepers.


I assume you are referring to the Pit Bull. After all, they were bred to be killing machines.


you’re the only one who read ‘to death’ after mauled.

Maybe you’ve added that to justify something?

Someone had to do something isn’t a defense against negligence. Not anywhere. Because it isn’t true. Gun guy made it worse. Usually does.


Does the rest of the world have a surplus of pit bulls bred for dog fights? Because that’s what we have in Detroit.

Trying to shoot the dog is demonstrably stupid. The guy brought a gun to a knife fight, and now a woman is twice victimized. May her family eventually find some peace.

@rosyatrandom: IIRC @Medievalist lives near Baltimore. Same problem I note at the top of this reply. Victim blaming is damned ugly. Stop doing it.


Love dogs (although I’d understand if you don’t); not too fond of dog owners.

Well, I’m a dog owner, so I’ll rephrase: love dogs; not too fond of people…

Whatever. You get the drift.


That poor lamb was nothing but gnawed bones 5 seconds later. The cameraman escaped with only 1 leg and 1/2 an arm.

I think putting all dogs, nation-wide, into a single bucket is a bad idea, not only because they’ll suffocate and the logistics would be a nightmare, but it’s simply absurd.

And besides, look at some of the hundreds of dog-rescue videos out there to see examples of dogs that, when abandoned, hide away anxiously and (once that issue’s resolved) respond instantly with love and affection. Look at abused animals that still have the capacity for loving humans despite their treatment. Considering them all to be nothing but simply temporarily restrained murder-machines isn’t the rational, objective voice of experience in you, it’s the calloused, hardened voice of dismissal.


Yup, as you note I’m only 45 minutes from the center of Baltimore, and MurderTown is even closer. Every shelter here is full of pit bulls. Some have been systematically abused in order to make them better fighters.

Totally get it! I’ve owned a dog myself, and I’ve known many owners who had fine, well managed dogs. Including pit bulls.

I believe there are three types of problem owners:

  • those that want their dog to be vicious. Stereotypically urban dwellers with pit bulls or rotweilers, but it happens in rural areas too.
  • owners who are not the pack alpha. Weak owners not only put others at risk, they themselves are at risk, should another dog take over the pack.
  • those that foolishly (but honestly) believe their dog will act the same way when they aren’t in direct control as it does when it is under their thumb. Only the most intelligent, highly trained dogs are even capable of understanding there will inevitably be future repercussions for actions taken when the owner is not present.


You know, I’ve tried to be patient, but could you tone down the explicit mockery?

The dog you’ve pictured looks like a springer*, it’s pretty much a dead ringer for the one that literally tore Nikki’s face off her skull. Tore. Her. Face. Off. Her. Skull.

And since my links to the actual damage done by dogs appear to have been removed from the thread, it seems like your speech is being elevated well above mine by the site owners. You could be gracious about that, at least.

EDIT: * as noted below, the dog’s tiny, as is the lamb. Not a Springer Spaniel puppy despite the similar appearance; it’s a toy breed.


and you know all about that

Do go on about the viciousness that comes inevitably from an unresolved pack hierarchy in carnivorous animals… do. go. on.


But Med, how else can he prove who the alpha is?


It’s Beaker!