"Good guy" with a gun shoots woman in the leg


ME(ep) ME(ep) ME(ep)


You know, you and others’ve been talking about the social structure of dogs (alpha leaders, dominance, etc.) as if these are known facts. They’re really not. https://www.dogwelfarecampaign.org/why-not-dominance.php It’s just one of those ideas that have gained sufficient cultural ground to be entrenched.

I gather Baltimore is a hotbed of awful or careless people keeping dangerous breeds and often trying to make them more dangerous, but that just is not representative of the rest of the world. Perhaps 5% of the dogs I see are of the ‘dangerous’ variety, and most of them behave like little cuddle-bears. Your awful experiences and environment have attuned you to them.

Oh, BTW, that pic was of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, which is at most probably capable of nuzzling a small sausage into gentle submission, or weeing on someone in defence. And if that sounds like I’m mocking you, ask yourself where you fit into that. I’m just being flippant; it’s not personal.


impact is irrelevant, it’s intent that matters.


Yes, and no. Also… no. And a little yes.



That dog is a blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and they can rip the faces off stuffed animals.


If the stitching is dodgy.


I worked at a kennels for a short time when I was a teenager, and the worst bite I got was from a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. I bent down to look at it, and it suddenly jumped up and bit me right through the lip. There was a lot of blood.


Let me recapitulate:

Dog attacks appear to be on the rise, and even small dogs can murder human infants, which are the group most at risk. This is fact, not relative to my own opinion - or yours.

The US government has curtailed the CDC’s research into dog attacks. Again, fact.

Because many owners are unwilling to treat dogs as the dangerous animals they are, insisting that facultative carnivores simply aren’t capable of doing harm, everyone should learn how to avoid and defend against dog attacks. We’re all on our own, there will be no training or licensing requirements for dog owners. If you are a large, reasonably healthy person such as myself, it would be a public service if you would learn how to kill dogs quickly and effectively, so that tragedies like the shooting referenced in the initial post are less likely.

The last paragraph is the point I care about. People need to step up, because a small percentage of dog owners simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing.


And I bet you didn’t even thank it for the free piercing, you monster.


In all honesty, training and licensing should be mandatory for lots of things: pet ownership, vehicle usage, raising children… Anything that has a significant responsibility of care to others, really.

I was about to include gun ownership, too, but my feelings towards that are decidedly in the you don’t get to have that toy under almost any circumstance camp.


I understand that you and Jason have no sympathy for any victims but gunshot victims, y’all have made that abundantly clear.

At this point you’re literally using children permanently maimed and disfigured by family pets as a source of droll humor. Think about that a few minutes.


Oh, you’d be surprised how much love and sympathy I have for them.

You’d also be surprised how much love and sympathy I have for dogs, too. And how I manage to told all this simultaneously together without any apparent contradiction.


I believe that you’ve made at least one true statement there.


It really depends on your capacity for surprise and priors!


No. Don’t fall for the NRA line. Panicky, inept gunfire from demonic samaritans is never the best option. He was clearly too far away and not trained well enough to shoot that gun.

Here’s an idea. What about a pole? What about a pointy stick? Ah, but there is no Pointy Stick lobby.


Here’s more info from the Detroit Free Press, http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/detroit/2017/10/10/detroit-pit-bull-attack-shooting/750879001/

Key takeaways:

  • ME ruled it a homicide
  • He didn’t know if the dog even bit her
  • He was holding the gun with one hand and fired without aiming then was surprised and didn’t know how she got shot
  • He patrols the neighborhood in his car with his gun to “protect children”
  • After the attack, as the dog was running away, he fired at it twice more missing both times


Must. Hold. Back. Rage.

Edit: Gee i hate when some gifs don’t like to load.


What kind of semi-domesticated animals did you grow up around? Most people don’t have one childhood dog mauling story of that severity, let alone three. I’m pretty sure you qualify as a huge outlier on any appreciable scale.


Aside from the stuffed animal faces, they also eat a lot of poo.