Dog patiently waits on stairs for belly rubs from human

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“She always waits on the stairs for belly rubs.”


This is a very popular move in the smol dog community. They really like to be anywhere that puts them in your eyeline, instead of just staring at people’s shins all day


Seems like it would be helpful for humans in the bad back community too!


The tongue sticking out as the hand approaches is the best part.


I don’t know, for a second there I thought I saw a look on that little puppy face that said, “Oh, no, what have I done?”

Meh. My cat will lie on his back. And he do like hims tummy rubs. Of course, he’s 22 lbs (big as a bobcat) so rubbing his tummy is a pure act of faith.

Both our medium–sized dogs enjoy the stairs. I think it’s more about premium basking real estate than it is belly rubs. It will all end in a head injury, I’m certain.

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