Dog rescue: A helicopter 1,000 feet above snow happens to spot a stranded pup and gives him a lift


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Some days I am reminded that people are not all selfish assholes. This is one of those days.
Also who blew all this dust into the room?


glad the poor doggo was rescued
and how the heck did it get there?


One hour of bagpipe music for that doggins!


That’s some pretty good IR imaging there.



Benji sure does get around.


Can’t beat the real world for training!


Another example of the extraordinary bond between humans and dogs. It’s heart-warming, and amazing, the risks people will take to rescue dogs. Nice one fellas.


Yay! More pics and video of dog:


That’s why he ran away from home in the first place!


Faith in humanity; temporarily restored.


Hanging 1000 feet above a snowy mountain top? I could do that. I just don’t have the guts.

(hey. . . wait a minute. . . that means. . . ? )


For the rest of his days, Ben will have the best story to tell at the dog park…:dog:


I’m just relieved that the rescuer had a firm hug and the dog wasn’t one of those wriggly worms as it looks like there was no mesh bag or harness for the little one!

Good dog!
Good rescuers!
Good use of technology and resources!



i too suffer from the affliction of watery eye syndrome.


Coastguard: is there nothing they cannot do?


An hour of bagpipe music was just what I needed.


They haven’t conquered space yet…