Dog stops brothers from fighting

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Good dog!


Oh sure. You know who else disarmed people? Hitler, that’s who! And I understand he liked dogs. If only those poor boys could exercise their second-amendment freedoms.


no. it’s all right, because the Dog is white you see.


“White on, bro!”

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When someone figures out that canine classroom assistants can be paid in sausages, this will be the future of education.


Dog looks like a sammy. They’re very much social family dogs :slight_smile: Our dog would get jealous when people hugged around him because he wanted all the cuddles.


I was thinking Great Pyrenees.


I had a housemate once who got beliigerently wasted.

My dog at the time was a giant pushover, except that night. That night he put on a big dog voice, stood guard and bared his teeth at the entrance to the living room. When my housemate tried to yell shit at me, my dog chased him back to his room and kept him there.

My housemate went to bed, never remembered it.

My dog got a cookie. Good Dog!


Both can look similar at a glance, i have time telling them apart sometimes. Especially if a sammy happens to be mixed with something else. But i did have a hunch that it could be a Pyrenees as well, just wasn’t sure.

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One time i was taking a nap in the living room and the dog was doing the same across the room, he must’ve forgotten i was there because when i woke up i startled him and he did his “Who the fuck are you” bark. He was also a big teddy bear and was the first time i ever heard him bark like that, thankfully he recognized me quickly and came over for cuddles.


That’s me before my coffee basically. :wink:

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I can be like that if woken up way too early though very rarely, in fact this weekend my cat accidentally woke me up in my sleep and i legitimately did not recognize him. Thought some strange cat was in my room, i grabbed him and walked to the living room and set him down. Then i stood there confused until i realized what was going on.

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My dog freaks out if we hug, kiss, dance, or generally have any physical contact. However, fighting makes him go hide. (I have a fighty teenager at home at the moment.) I can never decide if my dog is jealous or thinks he’s protecting one of us when he tries to pry us apart with his head.

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The person filming, meanwhile, was fine with it.

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Because it was fake fighting that brothers do.

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Pretty obviously staged. There’s a mat on the floor.

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