Two pups "scream" at each other in silly sibling fight over a bone (video)

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Two bones, people! Come on!

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To overanalyze it as I love to do, :slight_smile: , seems more like the bigger dog is yelling for the owner to stop the little dog.

You know, “my little brother is getting in my face but you get mad at me when I punch him, mom, so can you do something?”

Now back to waiting for my Unix build to complete. : )


We have probably 20 bones around the house, I trip and step on them constantly. Half-chewed nylabones hurt way worse than lego bricks.

But still, on any given day, you’ll find both dogs close together. One will be chewing a bone, the other will be watching jealously. Probably while laying on another bone.


I have one dog who is a hoarder, and another who is not protective of his things. So we have to give things like bones to them simultaneously. Otherwise, Shadow ends up with everything. He is, interestingly, half the size of the other dog. And it’s not like Bailey is submissive towards Shadow. He isn’t, and they playfight constantly. Although if Bailey gets too rough, Shadow turns and when he turns, he’s vicious. Thankfully he has tiny teeth that can’t do any damage to Bailey.


Videos like this make me super-thankful our mutt isn’t a social barker at all. Not sure what breeds are in him, but we suspect some sort of hunting dog is strong in the mix. Among other clues: he seems to have instincts telling him that making too much noise will scare away lunch.


Shadow is mostly a pit bull/mini-Aussie mix, and he loves to bark. He will bark if he sees or hears people walking by outside. He will bark if he hears any noise that he’s not 100% sure what’s causing it, which is super annoying when I’m trying to sneak some food from the pantry at 1 am. He’d be a good guard dog.


Shadow is mostly a pit bull/mini-Aussie mix

Ah. Aussie. Every one I’ve met still seemed to be ready to herd, which included a lot of verbal instructions from the hound. Beautiful dogs. And I can only imagine an Aussie’s endurance mixed with a Pittie’s joie de vivre … wahoo!

Beau is a fine guard dog. He’s just not interested when the neighbours’ dogs bark. When he needs to tell his people something non-urgent - he’ll find other ways than barking, like snoot-pushes, meaningful looks, etc. When the house is being attacked by delivery drivers however, his call for backup is always swift and loud.


The goodest of dogs!

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Since the other dog is vocalizing, husky sees an opportunity to howl.

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