Why are these dogs barking?


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Aww poor bear was dude I am trying to nap here… jeez alright I will go already.


They’re not upset! those dogs have simply found the largest stuffed animal in the world, and really, really, realyreallyreally want to play!

I can just see them imagining the mountain of stuffing they can pull out of that bear…




They just couldn’t bear to share their yard with someone else


Obviously it was that other bigger dog that was intruding on their territory.

That little terrier is brave to go after that big. . . whatever breed it was.


If that bear was a grizzly or polar bear, those dogs would be snacks.


If you’ve ever seen a chihuahua at the dog park, you’ll realize that dogs do not understand the concept of relative size.


Oh great, now The Baja Men are going to try and recapture the spotlight with Who Let The Bears In?


Well, that sure was one big chihuahua.


These puppers get it. 13/10!


I wouldn’t worry, dogs bark at anything.


Whatever it was they were barking at, that bear wasn’t having any of it either.


The question is, why was that big one NOT barking at whatever it was?


Pic-a-nic basket defense successful!

Commence plaint for cheese and sandwich meat thus defended…


Because it would be pretty weird for them to be meowing.


Maybe; polar bears, being irish, are highly intelligent and thus very curious.
I have seen many videos of polar bears playing carefully with huskies.


I beg your pardon?


Cool, it’s the dog version of:


[Edit: Looks like bears can be startled away by the unexpected - and good thing too!]


Yeah, apparently they are descended from wandering irish brown bears, from ages ago.

So perhaps they’re naturalized canadians of irish descent?