Great Dane hilariously forgets his size, nearly smothering his human as he takes over her lap (video)

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Judging from the reflection in the window behind her, she was watching Scooby Doo, Where Are You! Since Scooby is a Great Dane, it seems only appropriate this one would want to relax with a snack and some good TV.


A kid I knew in college had two Great Danes who didn’t understand how big and intimidating they were, would regularly get scared by small dogs barking loudly at them.


More a LapLapLapDog - we’re gonna need a bigger sofa.


Similar silly storytyme: Had a summer job as a maintenance person to an apartment building which mostly meant: amateur plumber. One of the units had a Saint Bernard. Most loving 120lbs beast imaginable! So i’m under the bathroom sink, legs forced over into the bathtub, banging my knuckles on a p-trap and ‘Francine’ decides to lie/snooze over my midrift. That’s it. Can’t budge her, i’m trapped. So while -thinking- about maybe gently pinching a Saint Bernard toe with some pliers to liberate myself, i espy a chewy toy within arms reach “Here! here! get the toy! get the toy! [toss]” whew. otherwise i would’ve been discovered a dogs nap later.


Maybe a Victory Lap Dog? :thinking:


I just ran into a neighbor with a new 8 month old Great Dane puppy this past weekend; that sweet doggo was nearly half my size.


My current “big dog” was a foster fail, she came to us at six weeks and was slightly bigger than my decade+ old minipin. The minpin was fiercely toy possisave and the “big puppy” wanted despriatly to play with the other dog. She kept trying and kept getting run off. She finally had success when the minpin played with a like six foot long snake toy and the puppy was on the other end “we are playing together!!! we are playing together!!”

She watched the minpin anytime she was confused, and learned a lot of behaviors from her, like how to sit and wait while dog food was being prepared. Where the water was. How to ask to go “outside”. She also “enjoyed” sharing breakfast with the pin. She actually wagged her tail when the other dog got in her bowl and ate half her food.

If she were afraid of little dogs now I would assume it is because she remembers when the little dogs were much closer to her size and far far more coordinated and skilled.

She actually just enjoys other dogs of all sizes and wants to meet and play. Tiny dogs she puts her face almost on the ground to greet them, and plays very gently. She likes cats too. Sometimes they like her, normally they are worried due to her size and exuberance. She loves people as well, who also worry about there size and exuberance (she need to be told for each individual person that it is not ok to stand on her hind paws and hug them…).


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