Small dog fails to convince big dog she is big


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Zuul definitely needs to wander around and engage in some random encounters to level up before trying to take on the boss battle.


Just another example of the white dog keeping the brown dog under his thumb…errr paw.


An Astroscan 2001! I’ve wanted one of those since I was kid.



Saw that. Wondered.


Yea, but you ever try grinding postmen? So boring!


At least you’re faster than a postman. The squirrel encounters are impossible since they just flee the battle.

My dog grinds entirely on stuffed rat toys. Not a single one has all its appendages… that vicious little warrior pup.


big dog says, “hold still! and you’re too hairy – gets fur in my mouth, ptui!”


The big dog is treating the little dog like a puppy. Ours does this with small dogs too.


They are the same age and have been inseparable since 4.5-5 months old.


Aw, I miss this. Our small dog is getting old and mostly wants to be left alone or in someone’s lap. Big dog is younger fights the cat most of the time.


Zuul is the coolest name for a dog ever, please accept all the points.


It’s all fun and games until someone runs into a guitar :wink:



That’s a sweet looking Elvis Costello Jazzmaster.


“There is only Zuul!”

“I am no man!”

“Curse you and your loophole!”


If there are enough mobs to farm XP inside your house; it’s probably time to fumigate.


Depends on your species.


My parents had a dog and a cat, Pharoah and Becky Sharp respectively. Pharoah was a King Charles spaniel, Becky was a rescue moggy who didn’t appreciate this highly excitable puppy growing up around her, slobbering and licking and always wanting to play

After a couple of years living together, they settled into a routine. Pharoah, now more than twice Becky’s weight, would bounce up to Becky doing his “play with me!” waving his paws in the air (an unfortunate side-effect of being taught to fight by being beaten up by a cat) until Becky launched herself at him, wrapped all her legs around his body and suck her teeth into the loose skin on his neck, wrestling him brutally to the ground and pinning him there. He’d go all still, Becky would take that as a sign of acquiesence and let go, and Pharoah would immediately jump up and start bouncing and waving his paws again… you could almost hear him thinking “again! again!” while she would glare at him like “ah, ffs…”

Oddly enough, fighting above her weight class did Becky’s reputation out in the world an awful lot of good. One day I was coming home late at night and heard a yelping noise. Two foxes came streaking down the alley next to the house, yelping and crying. I look down there to see what it was they were so scared of, and Becky jumps up on the bin and starts cleaning herself with her paws, looking smug as anything. Yeah, she wasn’t big, but she was badass! Until she spent an entire summer hiding indoors from dive-bombing blackbirds after she tried to steal a chick out of a birds nest, but that’s another story :wink: