Dog would rather not enter kennel


He is saying no, whether or not he is saying,“No”.


I’ll be genuinely convinced if they get some footage of him saying “yes” to something he wants to do. I will also accept “fine,” “cool,” or “aight.”


Lighten up, Chomsky


It’s easy to train a dog to like the kennel - just toss a little piece of meat in there every day. In a week or two, he can be conditioned to jump in on command.

I guess it didn’t come across as a joke.


However if I wasn’t joking, your response would have been spot-on. Are you really Dennis Miller?


This doesn’t mean the dog likes the kennel.
It means that:
a) It is now easy enough for you to get the dog into the kennel.
b) The experience of the kennel isn’t so unpleasant that the dog isn’t willing to risk it for some meat.

(And, of course, the dog lacks the capacity to consider the ratio of meat to the time/duration of kenneling.)

Also, there are things dogs will not do for food. One of mine cannot be bribed into the bathroom when she knows I have designs on bathing her, even if I am waving around a juicy slice of ham.

My dog will not enter the kitchen under any circumstances. I could drop a whole hotdog on the floor and he wouldn’t go in there.

We didn’t train him to stay out, he was a rescue and he came to us that way. Whether he hates the tile floor or he was trained before, we don’t know.

That’s horrible! Who cleans the food off the floor!?


I actually have to mop it. I don’t even know why we have a dog.


He is really trying his best to enunciate “No”.

I also don’t like going into kennels. Although I will go in if bribed with food.

I hope his name is Bartleby.

I finally got to see this. My dog would groan like that when didn’t want to move. We could make him do it my squeezing him. hehe. Dogs.

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