Chester doesn't like Roomba


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Wait till he learns to poop in front of the roomba path.

“Stop! Turn it off! Turn it off!”


She’s reinforcing the behavior by talking in a semi-cutesy voice that the dog (I believe) interprets as positive. So yeah, Shasta is going to continue to turn it off.


And why not? It’s adorable. If she wants the room clean she can put the damn dog outside.


She bought a 24 hour pet torture device. Shasta knows how to stop it, but then the owner starts it again. The dog looks at her like, “Why do you torture me? An why are you you filming it, you monster!”


Wait, Labradors come in red now?


I got a secondhand iRobot to mop the kitchen and bath. The cats are curious about it, but it doesn’t bother them, except when they discover the wet path it had been laying down, right by the food dish.


I think she gets that. And even if she doesn’t, she clearly gets more amusement out of this accidental trick than she does annoyance at the stopped Roomba, so no real harm done.


“Dammit lady! I’m trying to preserve my ankles here!”


My weird dog is fascinated by the vacuum and I wonder if she’d love to have a pet Roomba.


Given that deactivating the household’s companion robot is arguably a luddite sabotage of capital intensive automation by an alienated laborer attempting to oppose the obsolescence of the artisinal mode of production; apparently they come in very red indeed.


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