Cat in a shark suit on a Roomba, with duckling and human baby


That’s not the way cats behave. I think maybe he’s pining for the fjords.


I am amazed by how happy the cat seems to be riding the Roomba around. I’m wondering if he figured out it’s the safest place to be when the thing is running.


Not only that, but it keeps its tail away from the sensor.

Furthermore, the cat doesn’t kill/eat/gift the duckling… as far as we know…

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Poor Roomba can’t figure out where the cat hair is coming from.


As a troll I’m supposed to hate everything.

I have failed, I love this vid.


My cat always acts paralyzed when I put a harness or clothing on him. Perhaps its the same effect for this one? I hope her Adsense payments can pay for that roomba. So expensive these days!

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Is that really the most efficient pattern for the Roomba to clean the floor?

Also, I seem to have suffered temporary cat-blindness.

There’s a newer vid that shows the duckling all grown up.


No, but it’s the way Siamese cats behave. If we were to acquire a floor sweeping robot of flat-ish design, I would not at all be surprised to find our Siamese riding it.

Awesome. Note: I wasn’t seriously suggesting that the duck had been eaten; I was simply noting that this cat is unusually zen, but that was first made clear by the cat and dog living together. This is a disaster of biblical proportions!

This lady obviously has some species-identification issues… cats in shark suits, dogs dressed as ducks, etc…unnatural if you ask me.

The dog has that kind of, “Please kill me!” look on his face too.

Henri is hands-down the best cat-video series ever to grace the intertrons.

The shark-suited, roomba-riding cat’s expression brought Henri to mind instantly.

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