Qoobo is an adorable, headless robotic cat


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“unconditional love”? Have these people ever met actual cats?


I’m not sure how only getting a pets’ ass is a plus.


i gotta say i’ve never thought of my cats’ tails when i pet them except to check if they’re annoyed with me.


Warning: Qoobo may not be suitable for Klingons.



It looks like a cat and a roomba mated, and this is the resulting ‘offspring.’


OK, I may be stupid but I’m not that stupid. I know at least half the people aware of this thing are wondering how they are going to have sex with it.




My dogs would love this. And by love, I mean rip it to shreds in an orgiastic frenzy of dog delight.



I guess if you’re interested in a purring pillow instead of a companion your first-world problem is solved!

@mr_nope_nope: I’ve got a cat who was born with no tail. I’m thrilled that she’s a total love sponge because I’m not sure how we’d ever know she was irritated with us (besides the incredibly fierce growls she emits if we dare clip her claws, of course).


I’m really glad it’s not a Totoro.


I mean, their instructional graphic is basically an minimalist iconographic reinterpretation of “Sexual Healing” if it were about masturbation*

*something, something, physician heal thyself!


The only way to think of that was to think of that.


Its tail…wags? Was it designed by a committee made up entirely of dog owners?


Not that far-fetched


Because if there’s one thing I don’t like about cats…it’s their stupid, cute faces!



Still too high maintenance. How about just the tail? And instead of furry it’s coarse, like rope. How about just a length of rope? Long enough to hang myself with?


Yes. And my cat does love and enjoy my company, he’s constantly trying to snuggle or nap on me. He’d also thrown a fit while at the vet when getting a shot, he would not sit still until I got right up in his face and soothed him with some calming words.

Pretty unconditional as far as I’m concerned.