Dogs that have their tongue sticking out just a little


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Mine have a sixth sense. They wake up and pull their tongues in as soon as I reach for a camera. Go figure.



It’s cuter (and a bit stranger) with cats.


You’re welcome.

p.s. is the same, but for cats.




I don’t know if it’s cuter, but it is oddly funnier.



See? Looks normal cute with dogs, but the cat (not the pizza) takes it to another bizarre level.


I think that’s because dogs often seem unconscious of it, as if their tongue simply has a mind of its own, like their tail does.

Whereas when a cat sticks their tongue out, it looks quite deliberate. It is a gesture which the cat understands, but I probably don’t.


I know. Dogs generally appear to have no motives, whereas cats have full on attitude.

One of my cats got a upper fang yanked and I keep thanking our vet for making him look like Dick Cheney. And he apologizes every time. :grin:


I think, at least in my experience it’s the other way around. To me dogs have completely transparent motives and I can read them like books. Whereas cats mystify me and deny my comprehension. Every time I think I’ve got a cat figured out it zags when I expect it to zig.


I don’t know why, but I have the urge to pull on the tongue, like a paper towel dispenser.


It is posting on Boing Boing!





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