DoggoLingo explained

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I think it has more to do with lolcats being an old meme that has long since run its course. Honestly i don’t remember the last time i saw a good lolcat meme. Seems reasonable that people would move to the next family pet eventually, which i’m all for. But it does bring up the question of what animal or pet will come next? :slight_smile:

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Cats have an intrinsic unknowableness – what’s so intensely fascinating about that blank wall? If you like being petted, why bite me? – whereas dogs are knowable to the point where it’s a little embarrassing.

Ascribing thoughts and motives to cats is a meditation on otherness, celebrating the fact that there are purposes other than our own which we cannot “get” but must accept for what they are. Dogs’ only motive is to please, and they think what you tell them, so putting words in their mouths is an exercise in epistemological thumb-sucking. Of course the zeitgeist that would elect Turmp prefers doggos to lolcatz.

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