DOJ charges former Twitter staff with spying for Saudi Arabia, digging into MBS critics' accounts

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Twitter? Yes it’s cesspool of shit, no further evidence is needed.

And don’t get me started on FaceFuckingBook.


I question the judgement of anybody that would want that watch as a ($20K equivalent) bribe.


Jesus. This is alarming. Almost as alarming as Jared’s back-channel communications with MBS, reportedly possibly including giving the Saudis the green light to arrest Khashoggi.

It’s surprising the kind of human toll that results when a dictatorship has just a few well placed agents…


It will be interesting to see what laws these gentlemen are charged with breaking, since us USAians have precious little in the way of data privacy protections. I am guessing “unregistered foreign agents” may be the extent of it. If there were any chance to make Twitter actually suffer for the breech, that would maybe have some effect, but doubt that would happen.


At present it appears to be 18 USC Sec. 951, acting as an unregistered agent of KSA, and 18 USC Sec 1519, obstruction via falsification of documents.


That is one ugly-ass wrist wart.

I get the love of old school anachronometers, and some are truly beautiful, but that’s not. It’s not even a particularly high status piece of bling at a mere $20k.

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MBS and the KSA are believed to have murdered Washington Post journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi

Is there any remaining doubt?

Yep. What’s always bugged me about the Hubolts are the H-shaped screw heads on the outside of the dial. Sure, they are nice looking screw heads, but they never line up in a pattern - neither radial nor circular. It just seems like such an obviously flawed design.

Though not necessarily in that order. :grimacing:

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At first I thought it was some kind of security screw to prevent people from messing inside the watch, but it’s just their monogram.

I can’t see the bottom of this story for all the levels of radioactive shit in the way. Ffs! Tomorrow Dolt 45 will come out in praise of them or something cuz we gotta keep this worst timeline interesting for our viewers…

Even more annoying, I could program their (supplier’s) CNCs to make threads so the screw heads would align in whatever pattern they wanted. And I don’t even CAD that well.

Ugg, the 3D printing of that twitter logo is a crime as well.

Haha, thank you. Every time BB uses that image, I can’t help but think, “oh god someone please tighten the X and Y drive couplers on that poor machine. Or tighten the belts, or fix the backlash. SOMETHING.

Buuuut mostly I’m just grateful any time the feature image isn’t an eye-mouth shoop.

ETA: Or maybe the extrusion rate is too high. Gah! See? I can’t stop thinking about solving that problem.

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I am half tempted to print a replacement just to take a better photo so they can retire this one. But I don’t have any filament in that shade of blue.

And, yes, please, no more mouth-eye stiff, that’s pure cringe, not even going to read the article.

Yes, this. Rob, you’re my favorite writer here by a wide margin, but those images are too much.

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