Trump-case issues search warrants for TwitterX, XTwit fined $350000

They’re going to have to up the fine considerably from $350,000 if they don’t want muskX just paying out his pocket change as proof he’s a true trumpy-fascist to the rotten peanut gallery (and Russian bots)

Oh, and if i had to guess (“you don’t, you know…”) i’d say they’re after trump twitter account’s direct messaging and their associated specific timings.


Now that’s just not fair.

Just because an expense is pocket change for Musk doesn’t mean he’ll actually pay it.


… if this happened in January then presumably it’s all a done deal by now

I know Law & Order distorts the time dimension to make the storytelling work, but even in real life prosecutors can’t just let people dick them around for years to run out the clock :confused:

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