U.S. Withdraws Summons for Twitter Records on Account Critical of Trump's Muslim Ban, So Twitter Drops Lawsuit

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/04/07/twitter-vs-dhs.html


“Never mind. We hacked into the servers and got the information ourselves. We don’t need to bother the court any more.”


Here’s the tweet the account’s owner thinks got him on their shit list:


I wish this had gone to court. The more rulings against these fascists’ blatant violation of constitutional and human rights, the less likely they’ll build up to their own Kristallnacht, or get away with it if they do.

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Russia, if you’re listening…


Unfortunately, once the summons were withdrawn, Twitter had dubious standing in courts, if any.

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Oh certainly. I wasn’t faulting Twitter. They did the right thing standing up for their users’ privacy. I just wished the DHS had foolishly pressed the summons all the way to a ruling against them. Granted IANAL, but it seems unlikely DHS could have won in court.

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NBPC San Diego was public, but went private about a week after that. I doubt that was the post that got alt immigration in trouble. They posted a bunch of racist DHS emails a while back - I would think that was the trigger.

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