Twitter suspends Rose McGowan, who cussed out Ben Affleck over Weinstein (Update: restored)

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Worth it


Also let us not forget that Ben Affleck groped Hilarie Burton when she was 21 live on TRL and Casey Affleck sexually harassed two women during the production of a movie


So, one CAN actually be thrown off Twitter?


Grim irony in the attempt to silence a Weinstein survivor speaking out. And another warning of the power social media companies wield, their blindness to its consequences, and their growing complicity in the harm caused.

First, the power they wield is only the power we give them.

Secondly, I think it’s also worth pointing out that Twitter is the conduit that is giving these victims a platform in the first place. Her account was suspended for half a day is the downside. The upside is that McGowan was able to directly reach millions of people and finally be heard. If you want to keep score, I’d say Twitter is looking pretty good here.


They banned her but Trump is still on there o_0?? Does he have to drop an F bomb?


not even an H-Bomb, apparently.


First link (http://affleck%20statement/) is dead.

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You have to realize, In the twitterverse, free speech is for bullies and racists and mysoginists, not for women or negroes or uppity poor people. Speech used to silence and intimidate is GOOD. Speech used to expose violence and intimidation is BAD.


I kinda feel like literally silencing a woman fighting against women being silenced is not the best move for Twitter right now (or ever, really)


Ben Affleck is a well-known tool. Also, can’t act his way out of a cardboard box.


Just to clarify. She was not suspended. A suspension would mean zero access to her account. She got a lock wherein she can view twitter and have DMs still. It is for 12 hours only.

It was most likely due to the number of complaints or reports against a particular tweet, and is an automated system response. I am NOT justifying or saying it is an ok response from Twitter…especially to a verified account with 750k followers.

I just don’t think it was a conspiracy type “let’s shut her up” kind of thing on their part.

I am hopeful that the hold on her account clears without further incident. I would encourage anyone to go there and RT and fave some of her best tweets encouraging open dialogue, calling for speaking up, and solidarity.


Guys, guys, calm down, it’s not Real™ suppression of speech, it’s merely a computing error Twitter keeps having on a regular basis that just happens to protect racists and misogynists while negatively affecting anyone they attack.


I am glad you ignored the entirety of my post and read meaning into my words that wasn’t there. That is an excellent way to have a. Productive conversation.

Have a good day. Leave me out of any of your replies or posts. Thank you.


Twitter isn’t the only culprit in the one-sided social-media war on women/poc/trans. I follow a few feminists on Instagram who need to juggle multiple accounts because of continued attacks by mysoginists, first through sexual harrasment, then by “violation” reports when they are exposed.


But certainly not if you’re the moron in chief and bringing in a ton of revenue to Twitshit.


Snark. WHOOSH!


So, what you’re implying [i don’t think you are, but it’s the implication] is that, with a similar number of complaints we could get someone else banned for 12 hours because there is no power imbalance in the system which tends to allow the hers of the world to be shut up with so little effort while other run freely, actually endangering the safety of others with their words…

If it were orange julius, the outraged squeals would be front page news (somewhere other than BB).


I am actually implying that. IF the logical systematic function is there, then we should be bale to use it to our advantage as well. And if we could test this out legitimately…you know I would be all for doing so to prove definitively that second point right there.

I would love to go back and say “Hey twitter…there were 500 complaints against Rose’s tweet and you blocked her account for 12 hours. 45 had 100,000 against a tweet and you did nothing. Misogynist much?!”

I see on my twitter timeline a LOT of outrage over what Twit has done to Rose’s account…and honestly RIGHTFULLY SO. Maybe thats the circle or bubble I reside in? I don’t know.I think it’s crap…but you know me, even crap should be labeled properly. Leave no margin for misdirection or misdiagnosis. Specifics Bob. :slight_smile:

seriously @beep54orama snark does not go over my head. That was directed.