Dojo of Death


I played this. Back when it was called SmashTV.

That was such a fun game.

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That’s less like SmashTV than SmashTV is like Robotron 2084.

EDIT: Meant also to say that this is a really fun little game. Thanks Rob!

The mechanics are different enough from SmashTV.

Also, Robotron 2084.

Edit: Enkidu beat me to it by less than a minute…

I’d buy that for a dollar. Bingo! Yeah!

Scored 95. Booyah. A nice addition to my coffee breaks. Thanks, Rob.


I prefer Llamatron. Jeff Minter FTW!

Fun, but a little pedestrian. I got 104 after a few attempts, then moved on to

Speaking as someone who’s done a bit to further use of the term, I have to say I’m not sure what the word roguelike is supposed to mean here. Random generation, I guess.

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Typically a game is “roguelike” if it has the following features:

  1. Permadeath
  2. Random generation

I have to disagree. In fact, no one has really ever defined what
“roguelike” literally means, although there have been attempts. The term
arose as a way of describing a certain kind of computer game that seemed to
consciously take after the classic Unix game called rogue, but has drifted
somewhat since then. Even so, you can make a game with permadeath that
doesn’t seem particularly roguelike (like many classic arcade games) and
the same goes for random generation, if that generation doesn’t actually
present the player with meaningful gameplay choices.

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