To do in San Francisco this weekend: the first-ever roguelike celebration


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Surely you are not implying that all the others have been odd.


Well, if jumpscares get their hour then twitchloathing can have its…30% (into the video) rule. Gloaming forward to it!

[ObGoT: Winter rain is coming. Seal the rain barrels!]


I think I’ll wait for the edits but I’ll be looking forward to watching Zach and Tarn. Tarn is to procgen what John Carmack is to the FPS. And his interviews are usually quite insightful and entertaining.

I’m also interested in the Cogmind dev talk. I’ve yet to buy it but it’s an amazing-looking piece of work.


So it’s never ending and they don’t stamp your hand if you leave…


You also order drinks at the bar by color, and you don’t know what you received until you take the first sip.


Are they celebrating Roguelikes, roguelikes, or roguelikelikes?


I have nothing to do with this festival.

Shout-out to Amiga Larn!


Ahhh…my wasted youth. When I had more time than money, nethack sucked many hours of my life. Now, I have less time and not much money.


Try dipping your sword in it

… but you should probably avoid that in a public setting though.


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